The award

The purpose of the Hellenbrand Lasting Legacy Award (HLLA) is to provide an aspiring and deserving high school dairy youth a chance to own and show a high-end genetic heifer at local, district and state shows including World Dairy Expo.

The winner of the HLLA will receive 50% ownership in a September, December or March calf from a recent breed champion at the World Dairy Expo. The breed of the calf awarded is expected to rotate on an annual basis amongst all the dairy breeds.

The 2024 award will be a Brown Swiss calf from the 2017 World Dairy Expo Brown Swiss Grand Champion, Top Acres Supreme Wizard. The breeder, Top Acres, Wayne and Connie Sliker, will provide the calf to the Hellenbrand Lasting Legacy Award (HLLA) winner in time for the 2024 show season.

The legacy

Mike and Linda Hellenbrand established their City Slickers Farm and Hillpoint prefix in the early 2000’s following successful careers in the financial industry. In a few short years City Slickers Farm became a prominent operation in the purebred dairy cattle world. Their business model was to create high value heifer calves via embryo transfer representing all dairy breeds. Through partnering with prominent dairy breeders, investors, and dairy enthusiasts in the US and Canada the operation successfully developed show ring caliber heifers to be seen and marketed.

Mike encouraged youth to present animals in the sale ring, then the show ring. Mike and Linda enjoyed watching young dairymen and dairywomen successfully showcase their animals from local 4-H shows to World Dairy Expo. Jr. Grand Champions and countless All-American nominations resulted from their experience.

Many also know Mike from his position on the Executive Board of World Dairy Expo where he used his expertise and experience from the world of finance to help modernize the organization with a view to future growth and financial security in Madison for years to come.

Mike passed away in July 2020 after fighting a valiant battle with cancer. His legacy will live on.